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An Audience with God at Mount Kailash

A True Story

An Audience with God at Mount Kailash: A True Story grounds its account of the journey of the author, Davinder Bhasin, to the Abode of Lord Shiva in personal experience and a summary of insights from trusted external sources. The narrative begins by exploring a basic human question that invites all on a quest for truth: Does God exist? An exploration of Shiva, the Lord of Kailash, the book follows and then finds its context in a review of the mountain’s place in culture and history.

With this background, the author reveals the details of the two audiences God gave to him and his family. Rooted in the experiences of these pilgrimages, the next sections provide readers with guidance for planning and making their own journeys to Mount Kailash. In addition, a brief history of Tibet, the home of Mount Kailash, provides further resources for appreciating the natural and human history associated with this sacred mountain.

An Audience with God at Mount Kailash: A True Story will enlighten and inform all who contemplate seeking an encounter with God. It also provides an intimate portrait of the spiritual journey of a man and his family, offering their story as a guide for others as they travel the world’s pathways to seek God for themselves.